Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 4: Texas (both parties)

Democratic primary
Clinton 51
Obama 47

Democratic caucuses
Obama 56
Clinton 44

Republican primary (no caucus)
McCain 51
Huckabee 38
Paul 5

In a vast, varied, and, uh, Texas-sized state as Texas, the Obama vs. Clinton match-up was bound to test who could best rally his core constituency. Obama got blacks, men, and the young to the polls; Clinton got Hispanics, women, and the elderly to do the same. Clinton narrowly won the primary; Obama prevailed by a larger margin in the evening caucuses. Clinton got a "victory" to break her alarming streak of 11 losses; Obama actually won several more delegates. Both contenders were happy with the outcome: Clinton for blunting Obama's surging popularity, and Obama for cutting into Clinton's 20-point lead in early polling.

On the Republican side, John McCain defeated Mike Huckabee and won enough delegates to become the party's presumptive nominee. Huckabee, having done all he wished in this campaign, dropped out. Paul got no bounce at all from his home state.

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