Thursday, February 7, 2008

What's next (Democrats)

In this head-to-head race, money will be the decisive factor. Duh.

In an astounding role reversal, though, Barack Obama is swimming in it and Hillary Clinton is running short of it. Obama has an impressive base of small donors that exceeds any previous level for an American political campaign not run for George W. Bush. He effectively has as much money as he wants to spend through the remaining primaries and caucuses. Hillary, in marked contrast, had to give her campaign a $5 million personal loan just to stay afloat.

This lends itself to an obvious and legitimate question: where did Hillary get $5 million to give to her campaign? After all, the Clintons were nearly broke in 2000, no small thanks to Bill's numerous legal shenanigans while in office. Several conspiracy theories are floating around the Internet, but I'm certain that I have found the culprit:

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